Lee and Wrangler Fall 13-14

In this presentation I was enchanted from 3 things :
a) The marvellous colors of Lee Jeans
b) The innovative technology of Wrangler, with wich you can spray your jeans and 
do spa therapy the whole time you wear them!
c) The wonderful designs of both brands for men and women 
(look at the leatherlike jeans of Wrangler!).

plus. The wonderful presentation from Act&React wich I really loved!
Look at the Wrangler cookies!


his outfits. Hawaian yellow.

He is my photographer and best friend. John Vlachos in Hawaian Yellow.
Él es mi fotógrafo y mi mejor amigo. John Vlachos en Hawaian amarillo.
Il est mon meilleur ami et mon photographe. John Vlachos dans Hawaian jaune.